My Name is David Sigler and for me ‘the light went on’ regarding the dietary choices I was making when I was in a movie theatre and was literally channeled through the Snack Bar as part of walking into this very large movie complex. It was really the first time I had been to a theatre where you really had to go out of your way / completely against the flow of ‘normal traffic’ to escape from the temptation of the Snack Bar. I stood back from the area and looked through all the items for sale. I was absolutely stunned (and dismayed). There were literally no healthy snacks. I don’t mean ‘less than half’ or ‘just a few’, I mean absolutely none. Sugary drinks, corn products laced throughout the majority (GM corn of course) and a number containing wheat (yes, I am gluten-free, but there are a lot more reasons to be wheat-free as it turns out). Not to mention the fact that many of the products I saw have soy as an ingredient … and I finally fully realized what had happened. The large industrial agri-business and food ‘business’ had won. We had become, here in North America, a society of junk-food eaters, completely fooled by the truth about the food we eat.

So, I decided to do something about it. And this site is the beginning of the answer. Let My Body Heal is about:

  • Education – it is very difficult to change if you don’t understand why and it is very difficult to make the best changes if you don’t know how; and
  • Motivation – knowing the right thing and wanting to do the right thing are quite different – until we change our attitude we won’t change our behavior – you’ve heard it said, we need to ‘get motivated’ – and this is all about helping tap into our need to be motivated to make the changes we need to enjoy the greatest quality of life; and
  • Behavior Change – it is not good enough just to know why and what and how, we each need to actually change what we do – forming good habits and sticking to them – lasting change from the inside out.

I am committed to first, living a life of example, by making daily choices for education and health; and secondly, to help individuals (and groups) to learn, get motivated and create lasting habits to enjoy a life well lived.

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